My name is Ezekiel Binion, but you can call me Zeke. I’m a product designer, developer, and foodie.

I have over a decade of experience in design and development. During that time, I have …
  • led a team of interdisciplinary designers and developers at a local digital agency
  • taught UX design to highschool students from underserved communities at a local non-profit
  • mentored designers transitioning into UX
  • spoken at a number of conferences, local meetups, and classrooms


I’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses from Fortune 100 companies to mom-and-pop shops...

here are just a few of them.


Let’s make something that your customers will like love

Your job is to build something people love, very few companies that go on to be super successful get there without first doing this.

Sam Altman smiling against a blue back drop
Sam Altman
President of Y Combinator

… well said Sam.

My goal is to create experiences that customers love, not just like. After all, making products that customers like a little is a quick way to failure. Throughout my career, I’ve helped teams focus on learning from their users by using both qualitative observations and quantitative data to provide a unique 360 degree perspective.


Are you actually good at both design & code?

In a word … "yes." I also have a few other skills — each and every one of them were earned through years of patience, training, practice, and trial-by-fire. Over the years, I've expanded my expertise by diving deeply into a variety of fields including: design, development, research, strategy, facilitation, and management.

Ezekiel is a highly skilled web designer who is creative, patient, and fun to work with. He knows how to grasp the client's vision and deliver a superior product that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Bahar Takhtehchian smiling
Bahar Takhtehchian
TV Host, Reporter, & Today.com contributor

The @ebinion is a major reason why I know what maintainable stylesheets look like. It's possible. Learn from him.

Zach Briggs looking upwards in a navy blazer
Zach Briggs
Javascript Engineer

Skills Self-Assessment*

Good researchers understand that there is an inherent bias in self-reported metrics.
Please use this self-assessment as a guide, not gospel.

1 Novice 2 Advanced Beginner 3 Competent 4 Proficient 5 Expert

*The skill levels of this assessment coorespond to Dreyfus’s Original 5-Stage Model of Skills Acquisition.


  • 5 Facilitation
  • 5 Presentation
  • 4 Planning & Prioritization
  • 3 Recruiting
  • 4 Employee development

User Experience

  • 4 Research
  • 5 Information Architecture
  • 5 Interaction Design
  • 5 Visual/User Interface Design
  • 2 Service Design
  • 5 Usability Studies
  • 4 Data Analysis
  • 4 IOS Design
  • 3 Android Design
  • 5 Google Design Sprints
  • 5 Adobe Photoshop
  • 5 Axure
  • 5 Invision
  • 5 Sketch
  • 2 Principle


  • 5 HTML
  • 5 CSS
  • 4 JavaScript
  • 5 Atomic Design
  • 5 BEM
  • 5 SMACSS
  • 5 ITCSS
  • 4 JQuery
  • 3 React
  • 3 Redux
  • 2 Vue
  • 1 Testing


  • 4 Craft CMS
  • 4 Google Analytics
  • 4 MailChimp
  • 1
  • 2 Ruby on Rails
  • 3 Webflow
  • 3 Wordpress

Case Studies

How I've helped other organizations make great products

To protect the privacy of the organizations I’ve worked with, you’ll need to acquire a password from me to view my work.